Fraxel Re:Pair - Red Bumps 3 Weeks Post Surgery

It has been 3 weeks since my surgery. Up until 2...

it has been 3 weeks since my surgery. Up until 2 days ago my skin was healing beautifully, but now it's broken out in to tiny little red dots all over my forehead.

I had fraxel repair 7 days ago. I am still deep red & have severe itching. I have been taking benadryl 3 times a day & doctor now has me on vanicream moisturizer mixed with a little vasolene.Would resuming the vinegar water soaks help with the healing & itching? This has been a horrible experience & i wish I had not had it done. Scared of what will happen with my skin in the future after reading all these posts.

sagwa333 i did my repair on oct 23rd and i did continue on the vinegar soaks after my peeling was complete. i did them about 5 times round the clock for 10 days or close to that number. i did have some itching but nothing requiring any medication and i do think the vinegar helped with that, also the emu oil that i aplied despite my doctors opposing advise and have no regrets because i did tried once not to apply and my skin felt extremely tight and i just had to resume

Yes these leave scars and will not go away...It's not millia like many thought including me It's actually little burns that will eventually erode the skin because the laser went to deep on the thin skin of your forhead..Killing the fibroblasts ect needed for your skin to regenerate..It will end up looking like acne scarring... Deeper is not better..You need to be screened for skin cancer as well because the cells this laser doesn't kill but damages around the micro holes can mutate and give you skin cancer... Ask to try Aldara ect cream on a test spot to see if you have atypical cells if you don't it will do nothing after a few days use...At a minium it will boost your immune system to expell the junk the laser left left behind....And you could try a few session of micro derm if your doc says it's healed enough
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