I had the REPAIR LASER to reduce fine lines and...

I had the REPAIR LASER to reduce fine lines and to, hopefully, increase the collagen level in my skin. Additionally, I hoped it would mitigate my facial broken capillaries. I did not expect it to be a FACE LIFT, but a FACE REFRESHER.

After 11 weeks post LASER, with all the swelling gone and the redness subsided, I am disappointed in the results. My skin is blotchy in spots from the REPAIR due to the design of the procedure and my broken capillaries are returning. There is minimal, if any, improvement in the texture of my skin. My fine lines are gradually returning.

I did have botox a month after REPAIR in hopes of keeping some of my face "line free"...but that is only temporary. The procedure is very painful and expensive. The results are not in par with the negatives involved. I feel that the company should be more candid in the description, downtime and anticipated results with this laser.

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Why the Dr. Phil show? Is he doing a segment on the damaging effects of lasers... or better yet, how the company's get away with the false advertising they do regarding the results of the laser?
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OMG, i just got off the fraxel repair website, and they state; "no know cases of hypo pigmentation". Can you beleive it??? It has been 9 months since fraxel repair. I have huge white patches and scars, I have sent them my photos numerous times...they know what has happened to me, yet they deny it???? What else can I do??? I filed with the FDA, and the Missouri State generals office....I am lost as to my next step.
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James, My main goal with the Fraxel REPAIR was not my capillaries, but to address the collagen ..".or lack of "... and the overall texture/fine lines of my skin. Luckily, I did not have any pigment issues prior to REPAIR. After Fraxel REPAIR, my skin is blotchy... and I feel like I have uneven pigmentation due to the REPAIR procedure. The Fraxel RESTORE does not address the above issues which is why I decided to go with the REPAIR. I do not feel Fraxel REPAIR does what the company says it does. They mimimize the pain involved, the down time involved and the company maximizes the end results. In my opinion, it is FALSE ADVERTISEMENT and they should revise their "promised results" .
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the re:pair does not work well for broken capillaries or pigment issues. you really should go with the fraxel re:store for that. works much better, but its 4-5 tx instead of one. but its non-ablative so the downtime and risks are less. cost is the same.
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