Definitely Not Worth It

This was a big mistake for me. It was quite...

This was a big mistake for me. It was quite painful. After one of the 4 treatments, I got a raging cold sore above my lip. When I went back to show his associate, (my doctor wasn't there) he said I should have been given Zovirax before the Fraxel treatment.

I saw no change, except a bad one. A"beauty mark" (as my grandmother called it)... a slightly raised mole on the side of my face... actually spread out. So what started as a 1/8" discoloration actually became a 1"+ discoloration.

I would never recommend anyone have these procedures done. The cost..the pain... and no change make it a big.

I've had 2 fraxel restores done in ireland. Each about one month apart. The last one month ago. I don't know the settings. The first was just for my face. The second face and neck. I found the procedures quite painful, but tolerable. Though I took a painkiller prior to both procedures. I've had quite a good result. The furrows on my forehead decreased significantly. This was not something I really expected. The wrinkles around my mouth and eyes decreased. My skin generally looks smoother with a decrease in some slight discolorations that existed before. My neck is tighter and the red spots are lighter. I'm over 55yrs and for my age my skin was pretty good. I think I'll probably stop with two, though they recommend four. Will the results last. We'll see.
DR. Menkes

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