Fraxel Repair - Mixed Results on Pores, Wrinkles, Veins and Rosacea - Philadelphia, PA

So far i have mixed feelings about this procedure....

So far i have mixed feelings about this procedure. i guess it is really too soon to tell what the benefits will be. i was very prepared for the healing time, post op care and downtime after reading this site and seeing people's pics. i plan to post mine when i am healed.

I chose fraxel repair because i wanted a one time procedure. i wanted lasting results and i had several issues to tackle: large pores, rosacea veins, laxity, under eye wrinkles that were pretty deep, upper lid hooding, skin texture.


Take a look at my post because I had the Fraxel repair done specifically because of my Rosecea. I have Type II which is more the small facial viens and small pimples. I used metrocreme for 3 years before the procedure and I saw very limited success with it. After the procedure I've never gone back to it (it's been about 9 months) and the rosecea has not returned. Also I found that I could not use my heavy "anti-wrinkle" creams. They seemed to be way too strong even months after the procedure and frankly it no longer seemed necessary. I'm only using Cerave which I discovered during this process and still really like it. What I do now is just a very light exfoliation 2x a week and that seems to keep the "Faxel pimples" away. I'm still pleased with results. I still feel $5K is pricy for this procedure but as I said in earlier posts if it keeps the rosecea away, I'll pay any amount.
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In my opinion, you can use the metrocreme after about 5-7 days. The Retin A is started on my patients at 3 weeks.

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Thanks for your review. Hope you get the results you're looking for!

Have you mentioned metrocreme to your laser doc?

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 update: it has been about five weeks...


it has been about five weeks since i had this proceedure.  it's difficult to gauge the changes since they happen slowly and you become accustomed to your new face and think little has changed.  

i have noticed no reduction in pore size at all.  in fact, since i had to stop using glycolic acid and retin a for a few weeks, they got even bigger.  i waited about two and a half weeks and started back with retin a every other night because i couldn't stand it.

on the other hand, i have notice significant changes in tightening and firming.  the under eye hollows/circles are somewhat improved.  my eyelids are really improved.  in fact my husband was away for 6 weeks and came back about 3 1/2 weeks after i had it done and said my eyes looked amazing.  he commented on it several times.

the texture on my forehead (which was the most aggressive area he worked on) is still not that good.  the tiny track marks from the laser are fading, but i could see them for a long time.  good thing i have bangs. 

i think i will still have to try something else for the pores and texture.  the texture of my skin doesn't seem improved at all.

maybe fraxel restore......combined with ipl.

the rosacea veins are gone, but i still have a lot of redness.

when can i begin using metrocreme again for rosacea? also, will i need to continue with retinol? how soon?


i got vbeam for redness and pore size. i liked the results and will go back for another probably. but the doctor didn't really warn me adequately about bruising (which was very noticeable for about 5-6 days) and the swelling. he made it sound like there was no downtime and i had several meetings scheduled the next day for which i looked like i had small pox or something. embarrassing! i do trust the doctor though. he has a great reputation. message me if you are in the midatlantic region and i'll give you his name.
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Hi Kat, Thanks for the response. I am not in your area, but I am only 4 1/2 weeks out, and I am wandering if you saw vertical lines at all on your cheeks. I am mostly concerned with the little indentations and lines that I see in certain lights. I have had some positive results in terms of wrinkles, but I am concerned after reading so many posts about these lines some people say they get worse not better:( I too went to a very reputable doctor.
Hi I am hoping you still check your posts. I am wandering how your skin is now? How is the texture? Are the pores and track marks better, or gone? I am so concerned about these marks and lines on my skin. Most of my wrinkles are gone, but my texture is terrible. I am only 4 weeks out. Please update. Thanks:)
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doctor was very familiar with co2 lasers, nice demeanor, didn't push procedure and was realistic about results.

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