I am 27 years old - Fraxel - Edmonton, AB

Con's are it hurts soooo bad and down time is...

Con's are it hurts soooo bad and down time is about 5-6 days... You also need to get at least 2 procedures done to have any results..

Pro's.. acne scars reduced about 40% after several treatments ( 2 fraxels, 1 affirm and 1 profractional laser) and skin is much brighter and and tighter. I am 27 years old and people still guess my age in the low 20's and sometimes 19.... Awesome! I now recommend Profractional as it is virtually painless and the results are great. I am getting my second one done Sept.10th. :)

Yes, I went to Evelyn Charles in South Common, the lady who did the procedure is named Linda. Make sure she doesn't over charge you! I got a partial face, so everything except for my forhead for 400$.. and then my 2nd time I got even less and she charged me 300. Everything from last time but not my nose, chin and my lip. So just the cheeks.

hi !!!!im happy with your result!!!!!can u give me the name of the clinic that ur in to because i wanna try also this one in edmonton !!! thanks

I got my second profractional done and I am quite pleased with the results. A few older scars that I thought would never be faded, has actually faded. Recovery was only about 5 days, I wore make up on day 2.. but was still very red up until day 4. It is worth it and I cannot wait until my 3rd treatment!!
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The laser tech made my experiances very comfortable and dimmed the lights so it was quite relaxing

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