ONLY Have an MD Perform the Procedure

Here is your best clue regarding potential results...

Here is your best clue regarding potential results......................................

If an MD is NOT performing your Laser treatment, go elsewhere.

An MD's Nurse/Assistant will not be qualified to do an agressive treatment that you may require/request.

The fact that a non MD is performing the procedure is indicative that the procedure you are obtaining is not what you paid for.....or......Your are just receving a very expensive cosmetic treatment from a low powered Laser.

No licensed Nurse/Assistant in their right mind, is going to take liberties with a procedure that might cost them their license.

You are PAYING for MD treatment. .......get MD treatment.  Also, in a court of law, a complaint will have  teeth!

I have had 3 Laser treatments in 6 months wilthabsolutely no results. After the 2nd treatment, I asked the Nurse to increase the  power to obtain better results.  Per Nurse:"Oh, I can't do that.  I am  uncomfortable increasing the Laser beams. (meaning, only an MD can address the issue)

The Nurse assured me that after the 3rd treatment, I would see the results.........NOT!!!

Buyers.......... beware!

Consumers should be aware that there are numerous cosmetic procedures out there are being performed by unqualified and inexperienced people. They provide these services much lower than a MD would charge, however they are putting an innocent consumer health at risk.
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