Fraxel is Not Worth the Pain or Expense

I had 2 fraxel treatments about 3 weeks apart. ...

I had 2 fraxel treatments about 3 weeks apart. The second recovery took over a week. It was extraordinarily painful, even during recovery.

The worst was that there was no change in my appearance. The dark spots did not disappear and there was no lessening of wrinkles. Not one person ever noticed a difference.

Hi SweetT. We would suggest that you consider q-switched lasers for pigmentation as they are specifically designed to remove sun spots, tattoos, birthmarks and other types pigment. While the Fraxel is certainly an option for sun spots, it is not ideal as you have found out. For wrinkles, we use th Erbium laser. It can have the same amount of downtime, but results in 100% facial resurfacing vs. the 20% to 30% associated with Fraxel. We are also in Torrance and offer free consultations.

Fraxel restore or repair?
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I have used my dermatologist for regular skin concerns and have been pleased with treatment and results

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