My skin is smoother and brown spots have diminished. - Good Results - New York, NY

Hi All, I have just completed my 4th treatment at...

Hi All,

I have just completed my 4th treatment at $1,000 per treatment.   The results that I experienced

are good.  My skin is smoother and brown spots have diminished.  My skin tone is much more even.  People whi I have not seen in a while comment that I look good.  The pain was moderate.  I would

recomend this treatment for anyone with acne scars.  I went to a well known Manhattan skin clinic and was treated by a very experienced medical doctor.  DO NOT allow anyone but a medical doctor experienced with a laser touch your face.  Do a lot of research first.   Best of luck to everyone

Hi Emienicole, $1,700 is a lot higher than my $1,000 per treatment. You you getting some additional treatment that I did not get? I thought $1,000 per visit for 6 visits was well worth it. My skin is a lot smoother and a lot of the redness of my burned out acne is either gone or diminished. After treament I stayed completely out of the sun. Put on sun block 70, wear a hat and sunglasses. I have worn sun block all during the treatments and about 6 months after the treatment. I largely avoid the sun since I am now more likely to get a sunburn. After each treatment I put on virgin coconut oil for dryness and to heal my skin. Read the articles on the web about coconut oil. My 'sunburn' lasted 4 days. If I had my treatment on a Thursday afternoon, I would take off of work friday, the weekend of course and monday. When I appeared at work on tuesday people would see that my skin was a just little bit pink. I would tell them that I was out boating or extreme hiking. That's easier to explain than to go into all of the business about laser treatment. My treatments were in march, april, May, june, july and august. This is a great medical center. I feel a lot better about my appearance. Dr. B is a fine doctor. I would recommend that when you get the numbing cream have it on for at least 90 minutes. Once I had it on for about 60 minutes and the pain was severe. I know people might be nervous. I was also nervous, but I focused on the results. I am happy that I had this treatment and I would do it again but only with Dr. B. Best wishes to all.

Hi, Thank you for sharing. I am also looking for having this procedure done. I live in NYC. Can you tell me the doctor's name? How long did it take for you to see the results? Thank you.
Hi Shelly, I was treatd by Dr. Bernstein at the Laser and skin center. I saw results after 2 months. After 4 months my skin appears about 30% better. Its a gradual improvement. Here is the site. Good Luck
Dr. Bernstein in New York City

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