Fraxel Minimized Pores and Minor Facial Scarring

I have large pores and scarring from acne and...

I have large pores and scarring from acne and chickenpox. I got a single treatment last week and have seen some improvements. My pores have gotten significantly smaller and my skin is clearer than before. I'll upload pictures of my before and after treatment when I get the chance.

Pain is manageable. For the first 12 hours, blast cold air on your face or keep a cold pack handy to help alleviate the pain.

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hi i am considering getting a peel but not too sure about laser, there are soo much information and so many peels, i am a over whelmed. can you please tell me how did you find your doctor?i am scared i wont find a good doctor, i was reading on how some doctors messed up their procedures
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may i know where you got treatment please. thank you and God bless you more
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hello, im considering to unrgo treatment too, but sort of taken aback after reading the otehr comments about fraxel,would yuo mind sending me your pic of of before and after if its not too much to ask, im really desperate now, yuo can send it to thanks.
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