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I have suffered with melasma above my lip for over...

I have suffered with melasma above my lip for over a year now. I have tried every cream I could find and my dermatologist told me that there was no cure for it. I was SO excited when I found Fraxel on the internet! I had my first treatment 3 weeks ago and the pain was horrible. I had tears running down my face and didn't think I could finish.

I had the numbing cream on for an hour but I didn't think it helped much. I told everyone that I would never do it again (I planned on having 3 treatments) but then I started to see the results. My melasma started disappearing as my face healed. I could actually go out of the house without makeup on. I decided to have the second treatment but to take Vicodin first for the pain. I had my second treatment today with the Vicodin and the numbing cream on for an hour and a half.

The pain was nothing like the first time...definitely bearable. I even had them do extra passes above my lip to help the melasma more. I am excited to see the results. I would recommend Fraxel to anyone who is ready to get rid of their melasma.

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Which Flaxel treatment you chose? and how was your second treatment? I am thinking about getting flaxel for my melasma. please let me know thanks

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Hi, I have very severe melasma on my cheeks, too. I have been thinking to take Fraxel treatment, but I don't want to use bleach cream with it, because I heard it can cause cancer. When you did the Fraxel, do they give you bleach to use in combination with Fraxel. Would Fraxel alone works for melasma?
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