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My experience with fraxel repair for acne scars...

My experience with fraxel repair for acne scars was good so far. I am day 6 post procedure and the swelling has gone down. Overall i had a few acne scars with mostly surface damage. My skin is fair. I would say I recieved 65-70% improvement on acne scars and great improvement on skin tone. The procedure for me was very painful but only for like 30 minutes. The post care was tedious for about 48 hours but nothing you can't handle. I would advise at least 11/2 to 2 weeks without any engagements, proffesional or personal. I would reccomend this procedure if you have time and money to spend. If your looking for a one time fix for acne scars i would say plan on a few treatmets. It is fractional, but it is ablative so it works. I am thinking 2 will get me to where I want to be. Also make sure you get a deal on the second treatment. I am only paying half for mine.


How was the final result? Have you done your second procedure?
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Danny, I am 6 weeks post Re:pair, and I would estimate a 50% improvement for acne scars. I too am planning on a 2nd procedure and believe that will get me to where I want to be. What was your treatment level? Mine was done at 70mj and 60%, but I am a very quick healer. I had zero pain from the procedure because of a strong drug cocktail that knocked me out. At 6 days you still have swelling that is disguisng some of the scars, and you will get some reappearance. The doctors on here suggest at least 2 procedures for scars and I believe they are correct.
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Danny, I'm glad to hear you are doing well. I had Fraxel Repair done 5 days ago. I'm holding off on my review because my opinions seem to be all over the place, although I really expect good results. I elected Fraxel Re:pair for some minor acne scars, pigmentation issues, sagging around my mouth and a surgical neck scar. I still have swelling on day 5 so it's hard to tell yet what the outcome is going to be. Man I miss seeing my cheek bones. My biggest issue now is with the itching, OMG at night it's insane! Have you had this problem? My skin is sloughing off and I think it's common to itch during this time. What were your treatment settings? Mine were high and pretty aggressive. If you are already thinking about a 2nd treatment, you must be doing pretty well huh? I've been taking daily photos which I plan to post. Keep us informed of your progress. It's nice to have a support group since I can't go outside. Oh, and did I mention I HATE aquaphor....grrrrrrr. Be well, Carla
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