Fraxel Laser - Worked on my Wrinkles, Sun Damage, and Laxity

I'm Asian and the the Fraxel helped improve so...

I'm Asian and the the Fraxel helped improve so many issues I had on my face (wrinkles, crepey skin, sun damage, laxity). The treatment delivered this and more- I wear a lot less make up now and this is extremely liberating. Thank you Kathy Lee Gifford for making me aware of such a wonderful procedure.


an addendum to the above: over the course of the next 24 hrs my face got so swollen i couldn't go out of the house for several days. it didn't fully subside for over a week. i had redness but no peeling, yet the swelling was so significant and the results, if there were any, unnoticeable. i was very very dissatisfied and cannot believe i spent that much money on a virtually useless procedure.
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i live near seattle and would be interested to know who did your work. i just had it done this morning and so far have no redness and just minor swelling. i will plan another if the results are as good as you feel yours have been. if not i might consider driving to seattle and going to whomever produced such good results for you. thanks k
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Told me exactly what to expect and delivered results

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