I See No Difference...Perhaps I Am Blind!

Well for starters, it hurts like a Mo-Foe..(and...

Well for starters, it hurts like a Mo-Foe..(and yes...Mo-Foe is an adjective..also a noun) And after everything is said and done, you will look like a recently deceased baboon's behind... all red and swollen with a hint of blue. (The blue is from the dye)The blue does fade quickly, however the red swollen part remains for at least five days. But the bottom line is, you will certainly not attractive...(at least to the human species)

But back to where I started, during the 30 minute process..there's a burning sensation, much like I imagine a quick trip to "H E double hockey sticks"... would result in. Not to mention the sting, even though I am going to mention it. The sting is more like someone running a sewing machine across your entire face...over and over...with a dull needle. Make that a dull, rusty needle...that's bent.

And the worst part is, I actually paid money for this torture, with the end result being ..Nothing. <-- Let me repeat that..NOTHING! All I got for my hard earned money was a weeks worth of ugly.

Perhaps my skin is just not as complient as others. I do not recomend it.


LMAO!!!! you're review made me laugh out loud..... i've done several treatments, i'm on my third, and this time it hurts alot more than previous treatments. i only have it done on my cheeks. and you're right it feels like they're running a sewing machine across ur face... i don't know about rusty bent needles tho.... that's crazy talk...
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I just had my second fraxel laser treatment. I love it! It is the best investment you can give yourself after years of living in the sun. My skin looks 20 years younger.
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