Fraxel Not Worth the Pain

The Fraxel Laser was the most painful experience I...

The Fraxel Laser was the most painful experience I have ever experienced. Every time the RN would apply the lazer I would literally jump out of the chair - it felt like fire was being applied to my face. I couldn't take the pain anymore and told the RN to stop. The next appt. she gave me Demeral - a pain med. 30 min. prior to the treatment, it did help but I could still feel the pain.

My face was very swollen and red for a week after, I did see some improvement but not as I expected. After spending that much money, I wish I would have spent it on a face lift.

I am 50 and have been told I look 35. Now, I using the NuFace microcurrent thing and have notice my face is firmer and younger looking. AND there is no pain involved.

Yuba City Dermatologist

The pain and money involved was too much for the results.

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Hi I too had extreme pain with the procedure. BUT, was also told since I am a recent ex-smoker that the blood vessels are closer to the surface of my skin thereby producing much more pain. Had my face n neck done. BUT once it was over the pain was gone. Didn't even need otc pain meds afterwards. I think my skin looks best without makeup. Can't believe the extreme difference in everything about my skin from the lifting to the pore shrinkage(I had huge pores). If I were to tell someone to do the fraxel re;pair I would tell em to get sedated though. (((HUGS))) Steff
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I too was told I was the only one taking pain medication during the procedure. The nurse I had was very qualified and experienced in the fraxel treatment I was told. I glad you wrote about your experience and I am sure there's plenty more out there who endured this very painful procedure.
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I too felt this was the most painful experience I've ever had - and I'm on morphine twice a day for a chronic pain disorder! It felt like a sewing machine was running over my neck and face! Reading these posts, it bugs me that the nurse acted like she had NEVER seen anyone with over a 1 or 2 pain on a scale of 5! She had to turn down the power and do only half the # of passes. So at least I got it for 1/2 price. The hands weren't as painful. After two days, the swelling is minimal, and the redness is not a problem. I don't wear makeup, just moisturizer.
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Sounds like you did not have the Fraxel laser. It was NOT painful for me. Either you had a different procedure or the RN didn't know what she was doing. I'm not sure what the micocurrent is but it sounds hokey to me.
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