My Fraxel in Cincinnati, Ohio

I had my second in a series of three treatments...

I had my second in a series of three treatments and my skin has improved dramatically. There is increased tone, more even texture, and fullness in the hollows of my cheeks. I am very fair and have had sun damage from sunburns and overexposure. The skin along my mouth and nose had developed a crepe like appearance that creams or serums would not help. It has improved to the point where it is now barely visible. There is also more tone along my jaw line. I am 43 and noticed slight sagging and beginning of jowls (such an ugly word). The skin care specialist in my cosmetic surgeon's office told me it would take up to six months to see the results. My visits are 30 days apart and when I went for my second treatment, she could see a visible difference also. I will tell you a secret that has helped. I purchased a clairisonic skin brush ($195)and I believe that has accelerated the results. My skin acutally glows. I am very happy with the results to this point and can't wait to see what happens six months from now.

Updated on Jan 21, 2009
Not worth it! I had three treatments done over the course of a year and a half (the doctor thought it would be more effective spread out). I can only see minimal results. I have acne scars and was told that it was one of the best treatments out there for that, but I had better luck with one chemical peel that was the weakest one they had! I wouldnt recommend it, but everyones skin reacts to things differently so maybe it just wasnt for me. Its a lot of money to try it though so if you are thinking about it I would go with the cheaper chemical peel first and you will probably have better results.

The repair was used, Im not sure what setting he used on my cheeks he just told me that he would use higher on my cheeks and lower on the rest of my face and boy did i feel the difference in pain.This has been my first with the fx and i look awful, having the C02 done previous i thought that the fraxel was lower risk but my skin looked better with the C02.I will have to phone the clinic tomorrow as my right cheek has broke out in big lumps so have big holes and red lumps.My kids keep asking me when im going to get better and my husband has been doing the school runs as i cant "face" anyone!My dermatologist i trust 100 percent but dont think my face will ever be improved!
Did you have the re-pair or re-store? What were your settings each time and how many treatments did you get? Do you think the settings were too high, that may have caused the scarring?? I hope your doc. can do something to improve the scars that were caused. Keep me updated!
After having bad acne in my teens i was left with shallow scars on my cheeks,i paid £2000 and had c02 done followed then by a peel which cost £500,at first my skin looked great but after 1 1/2 years not much difference.My confidence on the low after quite a few breakouts of spots i went to the doctors and after being sent to see my dermatologist he recommended i have the fraxel fx.I had it done two weeks ago i had the deeper fx on my cheeks and lower on the rest of my face,everywhere else exept my cheeks is smooth and im very happy but i wish i hadnt of had it so deep on my cheeks i am left with bad spots and icepick scars on my cheeks which i never had,i have cried and im so upset,my dermatologist is the best there is so i know that its just unlucky i havent responded aswell.I am due to go back for more in april but dont think i will bother.My skin reacted better to the lower versions so may just try that.I am too embarassed to go out and at 25 with two young boys is not ideal.I this can help people out there who genuinely know how it feels to live with scars!
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