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I had my first fraxel treatment three days ago....

I had my first fraxel treatment three days ago. Prior to the treatment, I almost canceled my appointment after reading so many horror stories on this website. I'm glad I didn't!

The treatment was not as painful as I feared. I would describe it as uncomfortable/ mildly painful. (A numbing cream was spread on my face prior to the treatment)

After the treatment, I felt very little pain (really like a sunburn). I didn't look bad either, just red and a little swollen. Throughout the evening I used ice packs on my face. The next morning, same thing: my face was slightly swollen and a little red. Same thing on day 2.

Now three days later, my face is starting to look bronze and the swelling is basically gone. My skin feels very dry and is peeling a little but I can already see that there is an improvement in the tone. I didn't have to go to work these past three days as I took a few days off but seriously I could have gone if I had to as my face never looked that bad.

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I had my 2nd Fraxel treatment yesterday. This dermatology center was highly recommended for their expertise in laser treatments. I am happy with the results so I will do 3-4 treatments as was initially recommended for my skin. For me, the treatments feel at worst like a micro-dermabrasion treatment. I have only a slight discomfort in the jaw area. The technician scans my skin quickly and blows cold air simultaneously. Afterwards, my skin is swollen and warm. I am given an ice pack to take home, but my drive is over an hour and a half. My face is swollen for about 24-36 hours and then it begins to itch. I use Noxzema on it to cool it. When I clean it, I use gauze with a cleanser so that it takes some of the dead/dry skin off. I can see the results within the week. The tech recommends an increase in the power for each treatment, as long as I can tolerate it. As long as it is comfortable, since each treatment is $600 each. I feel it is worth the investment as opposed to trying all these creams and facials that have not really done anything for my skin.
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Some doctors offer pain medication if you need it like Perkased or Demoral.
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Thank you for posting your thoughts regarding Fraxel treatments. I am going in for my first of 4 treatments next Friday, January 9th. I have to say, after reading all of the review and watching the video of the guy before and during the treatment, I have become very uncomfortable. The total for all 4 of my treatments is $4000. I have met with the doctor (an M.D.) several times to discuss the specific procedure including information regarding the numbing gel beforehand, the pain during the procedure and he has already given me a prescription for medication which will assist with the swelling afterward. I feel he has been thorough but, until I "get through it" I really cannot say for sure. Any additional information which you can provide regarding the treatment experience as well as redness and swelling afterward would be great. I am the mother of twins and have experienced the pain of childbirth. However, there is just something about a facial procedure which multiplies the intensity. Thanks. Angie
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How did it go for you Angie? I am scheduled for my first appointment in February and am having cold feet.... Please give us an update...
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The review I posted really sums up the overall experience. After 30-45 mins after the procedure I really felt fine. My face was still a little warm and I was swollen but overall fine. I have only had 1 treatment and am having a total of 4. I have to say, my face has some rough spots on it but otherwise, no one can tell I had anything done. I really hope with the upcoming treatments that I can see some results. Otherwise, I will feel as if I have wasted my money. Angie
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