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My first fraxel for my face was on March 18, 2008....

My first fraxel for my face was on March 18, 2008. When I first arrived for my appointment the nurse applied a numbing cream to my face twice for about an hour and thirty minutes. When my aesthetician was ready to begin she wiped off the remaining cream and applied a clear gel to help guide the laser. (She said they use to use a blue gel which was a lot harder to remove and sometimes left your face blue) Anyway I was expecting the worst but I thought my laser hair removal hurt more. You do feel little prickles as the laser passes over each area and I think the cream helps a lot. After my procedure was finished my face was super red, and I am thinking what have I done? She gave me my after care instructions to apply ice and moisturize. As the numbing cream wore off I did feel some discomfort and I don't think I ever had a sunburn that bad. I was waiting for the swelling to hit but it didn't. I did go to work the next day and I just applied a ton of sunscreen and a little foundation to cover up my face which was now only pink and very tender to the touch. It has been a week now and I did have some peeling and itching but I just kept kinerase moisturizer on it. I am really happy with my results so far, my melasma seems a little lighter, and my face overall seems better (smaller pores, smoother texture)I don't even wear foundation now only a little undereye concealer and powder, which is a first in years. My next treatment is the first week of April. It is a little costly but, I figure all the money I have put into facial creams and serums and never saw any results fraxel is well worth it.
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Hi. I am a Spanish woman, 43 years of age. I had 2 Fraxel treatments in the face and 4 treatments on the upper lip area. So far, I have to admit, no results. I am very dissapointed. The pain was severe on the day of the teatment. After that, my skin looked burned for days. I had to hide at home. I would like to know why is not working. Are we some sort of idiots that give their money away hoping for something that wont happend?
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can you tell me more about your situation. i just got a consultation and i am hesitant. i was told it will get 2 to 3x dark and then take two weeks to fade. the place said the specialize in it and have not had it stay permanently dark. I am Mexican and Chinese. .....so my skin color is olive to medium
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Hi Dancer724, I just finished my 4th fraxel treatment on 4/29/08 and I will say that I am so happy with my results. With all of my treatments I had a very red face for a few days. On my 3rd & 4th treatments I did have some minor swelling but, it was usually gone within a day or two. Then the flakey skin usually started by day 2. Just make sure to use a good moisturizer several times a day and be patient and you will be so pleased with your results. My treatments were spaced 2 weeks apart. I was mainly treating melasma on my forehead and cheeks and sun damage. I can honestly say that I do not even use foundation now only a little powder. I have not been able to do that for years. And I probably sound like a commercial but, people at work started commenting how great my face looked after my 3rd treatment. It does take a little time but, it is well worth the red, swollen, and peeling face for a little bit.
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I just had my first Fraxel laser treatment 3 days ago and am dealing with redness (like a severe sunburn the first day) and swelling which gives me a somewhat unnatural look. I was very interested in this person's experience because it gives me hope that in a few more days I can go out with friends & not feel so self conscious. Also, I am deciding about the timing of my 2nd treatment & even whether to have it. This is a great site. How do we really decide on which procedures & which doctors without some real life experience info from people who've had things done ...not just alot of marketing & pr...which is in great prevalence on the internet. Anyone have any advice?
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