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The doctor was great and the pain not too bad but...

The doctor was great and the pain not too bad but I didn't see any improvement at all after my first treatment. Which makes me wonder if the strenght was strong enough compared to others results. My face was red for a day and I didn't peel at all. My brown spots are still there.

I actually went and had IPL done at another place because I have an upcoming reunion and the results were immediate and for less than 1/5 of the price of one Fraxel treatment.

I will go for the second treatment but unless I see SOME results - it will be my last.

Use the numbing cream and take the pain meds - it makes the procedure so much better.

Sunnysal, can I ask what medication you took to ease the pain. I just had my third fraxel treatment and it was almost intolerable. I used plenty of numbing cream but it wasn't enough. The nurse said the next one is going to hurt even more and I'm nervous now. Are there any over the counter meds that will ease the pain? Thanks

I'd make sure that your reunion isn't for at least 3 months after your next treatment if you do have one. I had my treatment 3 weeks ago and look horrible. I have not been improving much day by day. It was only on my eyes and they are still very swollen and red. My college reunion is next June, so I am hoping to look normal by then (haha) Sue
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