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I had my first of 4 fraxel restore treatments 3...

I had my first of 4 fraxel restore treatments 3 days ago. I read about Fraxel in Real Simple magazine and the review said it was the best treatment for acne scarring. I am 45 and have scarring from acne. I had consulted another plastic surgeon about a far more expensive procedure (laser resurfacing) which was twice as expensive and had more down time-2 weeks minimum. When I found about about Fraxel, I did a lot of research and consulted with the only plastic surgeon who has one in my area. I had to pay up front for all 4 treatments because the results can take up to 6-12 months to see. The procedure was uncomfortable and ore tolerable in some areas than others. I had swelling the first 2 days-now my skin is just dry (like sandpaper) but I can already see some improvement especially around my eye area. I did not know before but found out it can help with dark circles( I am hoping!!) I have a few breakouts as my skin is shedding. I've been told that at the ten day mark your skin will glow-looking forward to no more sandpaper!!

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I got Fraxel done on my cheecks only 5 days ago.My skin is still a little red and feels like sand paper...i see some improvement and was told will see more over the next few months..can't wait :P
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Hi, sounds good so far but out of interest, wouldn't the Fraxel repair have been a better choice rather then the Fraxel restore. With the repair only 1 treatment is required and it is more agressive but it is suppose to work better on acne scars and skin tightning etc. I am planning on having the repair in early November I am waiting to have this treatment done in the winter on purpose to minimise sun exposure. Keep us posted on how it is going for you. Thanks. Ellie
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