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I have had two Fraxel treatments so far, about six...

I have had two Fraxel treatments so far, about six weeks apart. My skin definitely looks refreshed and I'm seeing fading of my acne scars on my cheeks. The scars around my chin are fading some, but less so. I'm starting to compliments like, "Did you do something to your hair?" :-)

I have to say the procedure did hurt. It's probably about like being waxed, but it goes on for 20 minutes. It hurts more around the lips, eyes and forehead. It's bearable, but just be prepared to 'suck it up.' The first two days after the procedure my face was swollen, then the next two days my face started to break out some and peel. My doc gave me some topical medication for the breakout, which helped. Icing, vinegar soaks and lots of moisturizer definitely helped. I looked sunburned for about two weeks afterwards.

I have another treatment coming. The doctor recommended five, but I may stop with three,for now. I wanted improvement, not perfection and I've definitely seen that.


Hi, I had my first Fraxel treatment as well, not bad at all! Swollen for about 3days and not it's almost a week and I've broken out, not too bad but I was warned about the bumps. I'm hoping my skin will be glowing soon though and plan to have at least 3 more treatments, maybe an additional if needed. I hope I'm as happy as you are.
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I had my first of 4 fraxel restore treatments 3 days ago. I read about Fraxel in Real Simple magazine and the review said it was the best treatment for acne scarring. I am 45 and have scarring from acne. I had consulted another plastic surgeon about a far more expensive procedure (laser resurfacing) which was twice as expensive and had more down time-2 weeks minimum. When I found about about Fraxel, I did a lot of research and consulted with the only plastic surgeon who has one in my area. I had to pay up front for all 4 treatments because the results can take up to 6-12 months to see. The procedure was uncomfortable and ore tolerable in some areas than others. I had swelling the first 2 days-now my skin is just dry (like sandpaper) but I can already see some improvement especially around my eye area. I did not know before but found out it can help with dark circles( I am hoping!!) I have a few breakouts as my skin is shedding. I've been told that at the ten day mark your skin will glow-looking forward to no more sandpaper!!
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