Hurts but Worth It

I have just had my 2nd treatment yesterday and it...

I have just had my 2nd treatment yesterday and it really, really hurt- even more than the first for they raised the intensity. I am so swollen there is no way I could have gone to work. I have tried IPL/photofacila numerous times to treat my melasma but to no avail. I decided to give Fraxel a try and after the first treatment immediatley saw results. Two weeks later (yesterday) I had my second treatment. I was not as enthused about the reduction of wrinkles around my eyes but am hopeful that they too will have the results that I have had with eliminating the melasma. My sessions are $900 each and includes the face, neck and chest. I will eventually Fraxel my hands but am focusing on my face, neck, and chest for now. I have already scheduled my 3rd appt. and can't wait for the redness and swelling to subside to see how my skin looks.


Hi, I was considering Fraxel for melasma facial splotches, did yours really go away? They always tell me this works but with so many other bad reviews I cannot decide if they are lying and just trying to get my money or if they are truthful. Thanks!
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Hi Sassy44, I noticed you were not very enthused about the wrinkles under your eyes - woud you say you would not recommebd Fraxel for under the eye wrinkles? Thanks!
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