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I had the Fraxel Re:pair done 4 weeks ago....

I had the Fraxel Re:pair done 4 weeks ago. Impressive results were immediately seen around the eyes and forehead. The deep crow’s feet around my eyes and the wrinkles on my forehead are completely gone. The doctor used both the Fraxel Re:pair and the Active FX around my eyes. My face is back to it's normal color and there is increased skin elasticity. I’m hoping to see more general lifting in in my face in the next two months. In spite of the 5 days of recovery after the procedure, I’m happy I did it and will probably do it again next Summer for even better results.

HI Gi GI , Not having the benefit of knowing all of your info I will tell you this. I had Fraxel Re:pair done approx 7 weeks ago. Would I do it again? YES absolutely...My Dr did 40-50 with i think 4-5 passes,and a 25 setting around my eyes I don't know the depth ( if thats the figure actually missing from the equation) ... I am 45 with fair ,thin, slightly scarred, loose skin--I told him to go as high as he could on the settings because the down time wasn't an issue, and although I have heard stories about MUCH higher settings ( which admittedly made me think mine could have been higher) I trust that my Dr. knew what he was doing , as it would serve no purpose to hold back. I think we all naturally want more of something when we see positive results--I still drive myself a little nuts wondering if i had waited until he had done hundreds more - would he have been more comfortable with higher settings-- once again this is where trusting your Dr is key, and I do . My skin has already shown very good signs of tightening, especially around my eyes and the creapy ( sp?) areas in my cheeks..I am very optimistic about the next few months of remodeling. However, there has been one drawback -- I have been breaking out in almost a rash like acne-- small little pustules ( yuck huh ?) . I went to the Dr. yesterday and he said that this was much like returning my skin to the activity of a teen ( i told him he could've stopped in my 20's ). He put me on erthromycin benzoyl gel and minocycline ( which is making me almost seasick ) and I am hoping this will clear it up. Don't be scared-- it didnt hurt -- it was slightly uncomfortable but they gave me Zanax 1 ( sp?) and vicodin 2-- and i never had any pain in the healing process. The itching got a little nuts (benadryl)-- but it was all very much worth it..In fact if its not much more - you might as well do your entire face-- I mean you'll be down anyway and I think its a fantastic pick me up -unless your goal is specific to scarring etc. Just to add to the excitement of mine my Dr. threw in an earthquake-- It was the last fairly decent size quake we had in Ca. I was drugged up and on the table thinking ..How much bacteria will get in my face if i have to get up in the middle of this-- My advice is relax, be happy you are in a position to do it and follow your doctors orders-- If you trust him or her then don't worry about the settings -- they'll do the best they can . ( sorry this is so long ) . P.S. If anyone has any advice about getting around this breakout and or dealing with this minocycline seasickness please let me know. Good luck Gi GI , I know you love the results !
Hi LCB, Now that you are two years out from Fraxel Repair, what do you think now? How is your skin? Have you observed fat loss, thinned skin, or scarring? Textural irregularities? Chronic dryness and redness, hypersensitivity? Did the acne like bumps ever resolve? I am almost a year out, and I have all of these issues? While some things got better, some got worse with time...others hit a plateau and never resolved... Hope you are well and that you have good news to report on the "long term" results since you are now so far out?
H there, I am doing fraxil repair next week on my forhead, eyes and eyelids (only) to help reduce lines and sagging eyelids. Can you give me any advice? What strength did they use on you? I'm a bit scared of this treatment.
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