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Worked for Me - Worth It

I had fraxel done to get rid of the large divots...

I had fraxel done to get rid of the large divots and acne scaring I had on my face. I must have a low pain tolerance as I was on the lowest setting and I the pain was almost too much. I had 2 weeks of crusty peeling skin and 2 more weeks looking like I was sun burnt bad. I noticed that the large divots are gone and the color is a nice even tone. For a while I was worried b/c it took months for the color (red blotches, scars, white blotches) to balance out. Yay scarring gone! I noticed that the pores by my nose did not change(remain large) but, for the rest of my face the pores shrunk a lot. I notice though that acne has changed; there is less of it for sure but now acne is VERY large and most often never come to a whitehead. It was worth it for me in the end and may try another round to see if I can get rid of the large pores around my nose.

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