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I had the Fraxel Dual and Alexandrite laser about...

I had the Fraxel Dual and Alexandrite laser about a week ago and look great. I had mild melasma on my upper lip, small patches around the eyes and dozens of scattered brown spots. It's all gone and smooth and I love my result. I only treated specific areas and not the full face but I'm shocked to read other reviews stating it was painful. My treatment wasn't at all. I had numbing cream on for about an hour and the nurse blew cold air on me the same time the laser was working. I went to an amazing doctor and I'm told he is the best. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed, as I was very nervous to do anything to my face. My pigmented areas were so bothersome to me and now they're gone :)

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Dr. F was very educational in the consultation and listened to all of my concerns. he treated everything that bothered me, without any judgment. I'm told he is one of the best in the world and now I know why.

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Hi Bacchus,

Thanks for posting your review and pictures. You look great, I'm really happy everything went so well and you had such a positive experience. I'm curious to know how long was your recovery time, and in the future, if you felt the need, would you go back and get your full face done, after having such a great experience with selective places?


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My recover time was one week from start to finish and the 2nd and third days were definitely the worst, by the fourth most of the areas were almost peeled. I would definitely do the whole face, but I would wait until I had significant melasma or sun damage before springing this on my husband again :) I am so happy and I feel so clean looking. And I really loved my doctor and I would trust him to do it again.
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Great to hear! Please keep us updated if you do decided to move forward with the other. You look awesome. Thanks for the update!


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Hi Bacchus!

You look great, I am really happy you went to Dr. Fitz, he is the best.
I had the alexandrite laser w/ mini fraxel repair 18 months ago, and I had a great experience like you, with no pain at all!! and my skin is clean and free of sun spots and freckles.

I was advised by Dr. Fitz to have the dual, just to get rid of some stuborn melasma on my forehead, but was waiting for some feedback and results. Just by looking at you. I think I will do it.

Thanks for the feedback!
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Hi there, When u say 4 days - do you mean stay at home four days - or can makeup cover it up? Am strongly contemplating this for a selected area on my face, but the downtime is scaring me as there is no way I can take off work.

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