Doing Wonders for my Face

So far I have had two treatments and everyone is...

So far I have had two treatments and everyone is acknowledging the rapid change in my face. I have had acne for 14 years and have a lot of scarring and still breakouts. the process was a bit painful but well worth it to finally have normal looking skin. My Dr. is great! He uses really cold air to minimize the pain, my face is a medium red for about 24 hours. my pores are shrinking and the scarring is going away. i will have to put up before and after pictures!


Hi Amber, How is your treatment going so far? I have severe acne scarring and will be starting tomorrow. Do you know what setting your doctor uses and how many passes? Are there any before and after pictures? Thanks, Angie
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Hi, Are you still happy with the results and has your appearance improved even more? Are you going to put up b4 and after photos? Thanks.
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