Half Way Through, Am Still Waiting for the Expected Results!

I went to the dermatologist for juvederm which I...

I went to the dermatologist for juvederm which I love and complained about the skin around my chin. The nurse told me it was "creping" and the fraxel laser would get rid of that, so after some research, I decided to go for it. It is painful but they put the numbing cream on one hour prior to the procedure plus give me a vicodin. Afterwards my face is swollen for about five days and red for about seven. After the first time I had a lot of breakouts but not anymore. After three sessions (one a month), I see no improvements at all. I have three more to go, so I will write another review when I am finished. It is expensive and a lot of inconvenience to endure for no results.


I have a consulting appointment tomorrow. I am very concerned with the procedure, down time, and results. After debating this procedure for 5 years, looking at the reviews, and talking to people, I am stuck in the middle. It seems 50% would do it and endure the pain, and the other 50% would not. I guess as with any other surgical procedure, each person's body makeup is different and will respond differently. Wish me luck.
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After having tried every treatment I can think of on my face in the past 5 years, I thought that this had to work for me.I had my 3rd Fraxel on Monday. I purchased 4 treatments for $3500. I have them every two weeks. In between the Fraxel, they do Microdermabrasion with a hydrating mask treatment. This was part of the package of 4 treatments, no extra charge. Like everyone else, I experienced discomfort, redness, and swelling. I have been using the SkinMedica products that they suggested. The TNS Recovery Complex Moisturizer was also included with my package. After the first and second treatments, my husband noticed that my acne scars, sun damaged spots and pores size were diminishing. I personal feel after my third treatment I'm not seeing those results, but then again we are always very critical of ourselves. I was told that I wouldn't see any major results until a month after the fourth treatment. I was unaware that there was a Fraxel re-store and re-pair treatment. I have no idea which one I have paid for. I have had the numbing cream, but have never been offered any drug for the discomfort. I will keep you posted .............
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I have been thinking of doing the Fraxel soon. I am not so sure if I want to go ahead after reading the comments on the pain, downtime and the final result (not too good). I have not come across any email on whether the treatment has any after effect.
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