Fraxel my Axel!

I had Fraxel Laser performed by a prominent NJ...

I had Fraxel Laser performed by a prominent NJ dermatologist known as the "laser Doctor." He recommended Frazel for acne scarring.

We limited the treatment to the lower cheeks only, as these areas were the only scarred. The laser was actually quite painful and not in a normal way -- it felt like hot needles were being shot through the skin rapidfire. It was such an odd feeling that I knew the outcome would not be good.

After everything healed up I noticed two things:

  1. there was absolutely no change in the scarring and
  2. the area treated was HYPOpigmented. I didn't even know this was possible since my skin is already so pale! (Asian/Irish)

Five years later, I still feel that this procedure has caused damage to the underlying skin -- skin which has probably made its way to the surface by now. The area that was treated then, today looks rougher than the rest. This is probably no coincidence.

I would be interested to know if anyone has similar concerns about the longtern effect of Fraxel.


I am three years out and I have not seen any improvement in the redness in my face. I can still the exact lines from where she used the laser on my face. I looked at a picture of me from a few days after a procedure and my face has the same look! I am getting worse redness now and my acne is getting really bad and cystic.
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Yes,, my reaction continued to get worse I am 2 years out… Have you seen improvement?? Did you do anything that offered improvement? What did your doctor suggest?
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I did not return to that particular doctor. He denies, as most seem to, the negative effect of the laser. I do not believe additional lasers will help alleviate the problem and therefore have not sought additional cosmetic treatment.
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