I Wish I Would Have Done This a Lot Sooner!

I did a lot of research before ponying up the...

I did a lot of research before ponying up the money to do it.I had read a lot of people who were not happy with the results were only giving it a couple days or weeks after their first session. Remember fraxel does not work overnight. If you want immediate results I would suggest a CO laser, but remember there are a lot more side effects to this.With fraxel you have to be patient on your results. IF you are thinking about having this done I would HIGHLY recommend using a skin care product called OBAGI one month before starting your first laser treatment (it helps with rebuilding collagen). It is very expensive but worth every penny. After your inital treatment start taking vitamin c, it is proven to help your body with the healing process. I think some people did not get the results they were looking for because their physician doing the procedure did not start out on a high enough level. Fraxel can go all the way to 70. I once read that if you dont start out at least on a 60 you are wasting your time and money. A lot of people that did not get the results they were looking for only started out on a 15 or 25. That is barely enough to touch the surface. It is very painful and I would highly recommend having your doctor prescribe a valium and percocet (they will require you have some one pick you up). I dont know that I could have made it through without them. After treatment I was red and swollen for about 2 days, then the peeling started. I peeled for a little over a week. My nose also looked like a road map for about two weeks. After that was all over, wow what a difference! My skin is a lot smoother and feels a lot softer. I am seeing great results and would highly recommend this to anyone! If you decide to have this done, good luck!
I did some research as well before I made the decision to give Fraxel a try. I had my first treatment on Thursday, I found this website this morning. I was quite surprised and a little disheartened to see all the negative comments. My goal is to reduce the acne scarring I've had for years and if there was improvement of the fine lines and wrinkes at the same time well, that would be a nice bonus for this 49 year old! The procedure for me was fine, it was uncomfortable at times, but just for a few seconds at a time, the upper lip was probably the worst. Thank you for your review, I really do appreciate your reminder that this treatment is not a quick fix, it is a process and that it will take time before results will be seen.
I did 5 fraxel treatments, last one was May 2008, for acne scarring. Was worth every penny at $500 a session! I'm hispanic and used the bleaching cream so I wouldn't hyperpigment 3 weeks prior to my 1st treatment. We started the 1st treatment at 35 and ended the 5th session at 55. They applied the numbing cream for an hour prior to treatment, session 1 was not so painful but thereafter extremely almpainful!! Swollen for like a week and started peeling on the 3rd day. It even controlled my acne I haven't really had any huge breakouts since I started in December'07. I truly love the results and I strongly recommend it to anyone who has acne scarring I promise it is the answer to your prayers. You have to be patient and have to do at least 5 treatments if you have deep acne scars. My nurse also said that my skin will keep improving 2 months after my last treatment, it looks great now and it's only been almost 30 days. Best wishes!
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