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I am 5 wks post and very anxious about my end...

I am 5 wks post and very anxious about my end results. I paid a lot of money for a tt with lipo on the flanks. Right now... My love handles are larger than they were before the procedure.

Can anyone tell me if this is normal? Im sure there still may be some swelling but i just don't understand where the excess fat came from. I am very active and I have a very strict diet.


I'm sorry you.r not happy, I'm in the same boat, a lot of us on here feel the.same.way. I am 4 weeks pi, and still really bloated and not happy with my results. Talk to ur doc and see what he.says. I see mine on Wednesday. Swelling is normal, and I am told it takes 6 months to see a final result, maybe give it some time.
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My PS was highly recommended by my OB GYN. I think it's too soon to provide a rating. But... I plan on updating this post within a month.

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