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Sculptra (Newfill) Since 2003

Amazing results after 5 years - just looking for...

Amazing results after 5 years - just looking for maintenance right now - I did it mainly because of premature aging and the so-called gaunt look

Hi everyone, I started with sculptra (newfill) in 2003 with Doctor Amard in Paris and now desperately seeking someone reputable (preferably trained by Amard) in Europe. Can anyone help with this? the results have been nothing short of amazing with regard to undereye bags, smile and frown lines etc. Thanks and all the best, MP
hello micahel payne. I am searching the clinic where dr danny vleggaar practices. Is he your new doctor?? If yes can you please give me some information(an adress or a telephone) for his clinic??
There is a doctor in london who is renowned in the field, Dr Ayoubi. I will go to him once i move to europe.
Can you point to this literature from real doctors? Id love to read it.
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