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I had my surgery done in paris. One eye is bigger...

I had my surgery done in paris. One eye is bigger than the other after eight days post op. i am freaking out cuz iwanted to look natural now i feel unatural...
I still am experiencing sweling so its hard to tell if the uneveness will be less obvious. I dont think this surgery is worth the phycological trauma of waiting to see if eyes will turn up ok... I am 37 and i wanted a younger look cuz i had excess skin.
The waiting is very hard filled with anxiety and despair. I had an upper and lower done almost 3 weeks ago and one eye also looks different from the other but i am told that they heal differently..but i too am worried...but it is true that it does take time for the sweeling to go down...they really never tell you during the consult but it takes at least 2 to 3 months to see the true result and a whole lot of worrying to go wih that !!!
Thanks for sharing ...
The waiting is hard, especially bc we look at our eyes a gazillion times a day so you don't see the subtle changes that easily.  It helps if you take casual front view pics so you can actually go through and see the difference between wk 1, wk 2, and etc. and remind yourself of your progress as it IS slow.  I took pics everyday but you don't need to be quite as obsessive as I was lol.  In fact sometimes the mirror was my worst enemy bc I would get glued to it.  It will get better, really!!

Eye irritation

hi its day 12. Of post op, I am feeling good about my eyes aside from swelling but I am still experiencing itchy eyes sometimes a pointy needle like feeling in the corner of my eyes. Because of this I am not wearing make as I feel this aggravates the eyes further... Anyone expereincing similar symptoms this far out.

Incision lines

day 12 incision lines. Seems to be healing well.
I saw a u tube video on upper bleph's and they specifically say the eyes heal differently and NOT to worry it is common for people to feel disappointed, but it takes time and have to be patient. Easy for me to say I am having upper next Friday- hahaha Thanks for posting!


All is well. Today after swelling went down my eyes looked even. Thank heaven.
Glad to hear your swelling evened out so quickly, you are lucky, a lot of ppl aren't as lucky and I agree, it can be disheartening waiting for the eyes to settle and mentally difficult.  I wouldn't be alarmed about any heightened sensitivity and irritability, your eyes are adjusting to some big changes (for them even if the amount you changed them was physically subtle).  I felt little tingling type spasms months many weeks after as the nerves reconnected and stuff.  

Photo of eyes 2 1/2 weeks post op

Thanks for sharing.  Any updates?

Don't worry. It will be Ok ans already is. I only had lower done from inside the lids with nothing else and my right eye was bigger the left for few days. The upper lid wouldn't shut all the way and I was so scared. However, it lasted few days and got much better. I also experienced dry eyes for few days ,but I swear that green tea eye compresses helped a lot. Also, I would blink 30 times twice per day as little exercise for that right eye and to produce natural tears. It help as well. What is ironic that my eye look the best while I had those little post operative problems. At two weeks when the eyes felt better, the results weren't as good anymore. I still wake up so puffy and have little bags left. I hope it will improve with time. I am now 1 month and few days post op. Wishing you all the best.
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