Fractional Laser and Its Negative Impact

I got a fractional laser done here, in India....

I got a fractional laser done here, in India. After the treatment, i had extensive swelling and my face started breaking out in some hole like circles. After 6-7 hrours, i had developed brown spots with dry skin and painful spots all over my face, wherever the laser was done!!

I had a very clear skin..but the reason  i went for the treatment was cos I had a holiday planned for us next week and i wanted that extra glow.  How much i regret it..i look like some ugly duckling now...with those awful and painful spots all over my face..

I cant look like this..i need to get out...go to work....go for the long planned holiday...
Pls help me!


i have pigmentation,open pores and scars problm and m dying to get rid of them,can anyone suggest me a good doctore for fractional co2?as i have heard alot abt it

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getting miniture scabs where the laser ran is common, wait atleast a couple of weeks
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Hi, First of all, I doubt that they actually used a fractional laser on you because this procedure is far far more expensive than $100 USD, think more like $4000 USD! I don't know what you had, but if I were you I would try to find a plastic surgeon in Mumbai or Delhi that has good references. I lived in Delhi for 3 years and know how things are there to some degree (which in my opinion is bad compared to usa standards) If you have the money to come to the USA to "fix" this, then do it. But be prepared to spend thousands, NOT hundreds.
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