Four Months into Invisalign and Very Happy

After seeing what my teenage stepson went through...

After seeing what my teenage stepson went through with his metal braces, I opted for Invisalign to straighten my crowded teeth and I've been very happy. My teeth are straightening out very nicely and except for the first three days or so, I've had minimal discomfort.

It's been interesting to me to read reviews on this site where people have complained about the discomfort...there are NO orthodontic treatments that are going to be discomfort-free. At least with Invisalign you won't have wires cutting your lips and mouth, and the movement is very gradual, so it's not as painful as having braces tightened. I said, the first three days were kind of rough. I didn't really have pain, just a lttle tenderness, but they felt strange and I lisped pretty badly for about a week. At first I did have a few moments when I wondered if I'd made a mistake, but by the end of the first week I would sometimes forget I was even wearing the aligners. Taking them in and out can be annoying sometimes, especially when I travel and need to grab a quick bite to eat in the car.

I won't lie, I'll be very happy when my treatment is done, but so far the results seem to be good and I'm having a much easier time than my stepson did with his conventional braces.

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My doctor explained everything to me - the treatment time, the possibility he may have had to file some of my teeth to make room for them, the attachments, and the lifestyle changes I would have to make. If your orthodontist doesn't give you a realistic list of cons, run!

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