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I was scheduled to do another procedure and I...

I was scheduled to do another procedure and I asked the doctor about getting rid of the fat under my chin. She said it wouldnt be a problem and that I would definitely see a difference. It was concidered another area to lipo so I was just charged $500 more on top of what I was already paying.

I am now 4 weeks post op and I see very little difference on my chin area. When I went to my post op appointment my doctor told me that I was still swollen and that I will see results soon. I hope this is true. Also like someone else here on this forum I notice the right side of my mouth still alittle numb. There is no numbness on the left side. I brought this to my doctors attention and she said once again that it was because of the swelling. That side of my face was definitely more bruised.

As time goes by the numbness is getting better and my smile isnt as crooked but it sure is taking a while. I used to also feel some very hard areas under my chin right after the surgery that is now slowly starting to soften some. I will wait alittle bit to determine if it was worth it or not. The pain wasnt too bad but I did look like I got hit by a truck for about the first two weeks.

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Hi there!! I have a consult with Ur Dr tommorrow for s bbl?? I was wondering how u liked her and if u wouldnt mind may I see your results?? Would soo appreciate it ..thank u
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Well I was extremely happy with the results of my BBL. My chin area is another matter. I have to say that I dont see a lot of difference. I was so badly bruised on my neck and chin area that I was sure I would see a change but no. As a matter of fact my neck and chin hurt alot more than my butt or the areas that I had lipo. oh well.
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Hi, Just wanted to ask how it's going in the chin area?
I read your BBL reviews and LOVE your results. When I have mine, I plan on doing some chin lipo as well.

Well, if at all possible, hope you can post some pics. If not, I still wish you can see the results and your smile is back to normal!
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