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I had a BA on July 1 of this year. I got 600cc...

I had a BA on July 1 of this year. I got 600cc saline 68mp. I am now 9 weeks and am very un happy with my results so far, it seems like the nipple is not filled it like saggy still is this normal? a couple of my friends had surgery around the same time & their implant dropped right away, is still too soon to be discourage or is that normal to be taking that long? My left boob is very soft while my right one is still high and perky

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Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Babylen!

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You're welcome Angie! :) those were the stuff I could remember at that moment..will share more for anyone who needs it! :)
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I had mine done Jan'11..ladies..dont be will take 6 months or so before it will completely drop won't be swollen anymore..just keep massaging them even though it hurts..mine came out really looking natural, started massaging a week after..and Yes! You will go thru depression lil months after bec of the surgical procedure, didnt you sign anything that states you may suffer from depression?and ask your primary physician for anti-depressant if you feel your emotions is out of control..I took Prozac for 3mon from April to July..then I stopped completely and I'm so back to normal now. My breast are soft, I wear "Incredible bra from Victorias Secret..the under wires has amazing cusion on's been 10mons now and I still feel the shooting nerve specially on my right..since this bacame half-numb..still massaging thing alert..bec you may have shoulder and back pains..I am..I'm 5'1, from 32 A cup to 34D cup..but all and all..I'm happy with how the looks turned out. :) I can share more if you have any questions..
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I dont go back till next week. They look the same & have not seen any change pretty upset of the results, have made me go into a depression :(
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Hi .Jules711,
Please can u let us know if u have any changes?
Did they start to settle?
U can see my photos....I feel that my implants will never drop,but the doctor said they will....(the only think that makes me to dont trust the doctor is that when I ask him if the muscle pocket is too high and thats why they never drop him is very quiet........actully never answeard to my question.
Im very depressed also.
Take care and let us know if u better.
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Paula and will drop's only been will take up to 6mon before you will see the final result of it..specially w/no more swelling..keep massaging it down and wear your strap if not everyday at least at night when you go to bed..keep in mind your healing will depend on how you eat as well, I don't smoke and I don't're depression is part of the after procedure..I've been thru it..I took meds for it for 3 helped to calm down my nerves..try to avoid caffeinated drinks as well bec that triggers anxiety as well..relax and stay more patient will get better..
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who was you doctor?
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Hi there,

Sometimes breasts drop at different rates. Try to be patient. Easier said than done, I know...Have you asked your surgeon about this?

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