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I found reviews detailing the entire surgical...

I found reviews detailing the entire surgical process really helpful while I was still deciding whether or not to go ahead with the operation, so I thought I would post an initial review of Dr Richardson and then post again after my actual surgery in a few weeks time. After doing a lot of my own research online at home I booked in for an initial consultation with Dr Richardson at his office in Fortitude Valley. I found him to be very welcoming and friendly, and he was willing to answer every question I had about the procedure. I have to admit before I went in for the consultation I was a bit nervous/hesitant. The information I'd found online was very general and I didn't know much about the risks and complications or whether I would actually be able to get a good result. However, after my consultation I was really at ease and actually excited to go ahead. The girls at reception were lovely and very helpful, and his nurse is amazing. Dr Richardson and I chatted about what I want to get out of the surgery (I'm a small A cup at the moment and would really like to be able to wear strapless dresses without worrying about flashing the general public) . I tried on several sizes of implants and I finally decided on 250cc implants underneath the muscle. Dr Richardson showed me a number of photos of previous patients on his website and talked me through the sizing and the sort of implants I should go for (I decided on the rounds ones in the end). Overall I was really happy with Dr Richardson and his staff in terms of the process I've been through leading up to my surgery, we'll see how it all goes. I'm thinking I'll post another review maybe 6 weeks or so after my surgery because I've heard it can take a little while for swelling etc to go down and for the implants to settle.
Just wanted to see how you're doing? I hope he did a good job on you? Hugs Shelly xoxo
I have to agree with Mamamel too...unless you want really small then 250cc will only give you 1 cup size. Phil is very conservative and its alot of money we fork out here in oz. He wants another 7000 to do my revision and I've had to get another surgeon opinion as he doesn't want to acknowledge that one of the implants is off centre. His former nurse that he had also had a revision herself as she said they were too small. ...just some advice for you. However. ..if you do want just an extra cup size then please disregard what I say lol!! Xoxoxoxo
This is just my opinion because I had 225s (overs) for my first BA and now have 350s (unders). If you are paying over 10 grand for this procedure, 250 will only bring you up one cup size and will hardly be noticeable in clothing. If you are ok with that, that's great. Just thought I should offer my advice since I've been there and was not overall happy with my 225s -- still needed a push-up bra and all to get the look I wanted. Best of luck to you!! Welcome to this world of decisions!!!
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