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Mini Lift Wih Lipo of the Neck - Fort Worth, TX

I am 59 and remained very young looking until 2...

I am 59 and remained very young looking until 2 years ago then my jowls starting sagging and the lump of hanging skin under my neck. Very nervous about upcoming Safelift with Dr Malouf in Ft Worth. Every time I look in the mirror all I see is the sagging neck. Hope to look refreshed after procedure. Anyone in here had Safelift with Dr Malouf.

Had procedure today

Will post updates. Had the Safelift with Dr Malouf this morning. Lots of pain and swelling right now. Procedure was a total of 2 hours. He was very gentle and kind as I was extremely nervous. His staff was excellent.

7 day post op

All I can says if Oh My Gosh. I actually look 10 years younger. Still swollen but I can hide that with y hair for now. Sides of neck bruised but Concealer helps with that. This has been an amazing experience for me and I am SOOOOOOOOO happy.
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Pls provide an update, as I am 58 , young looking except for my double chin. Would love to know of your experience
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Elizabeth I am having the procedure on March 28. I will keep posted
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Good luck! I am nervous about surgery to my face But HATE my chin area. Dr suggested lipo plus ultherapy . Or to get a perfect result, a lower facelift.
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I was thinking of having lipo plus the ultherapy too because my face is fairly young looking but I've always had a double chin and now the jawline jowl area is showing signs of aging. I think its due to a couple of factors; 1. I had a complete hysterectomy a couple years ago (hormonal aging) and 2. yo-yo dieting. No matter what, though, my double chin would scarcely go down. I feel like a bullfrog in that area. Anyway, I was thinking about doing something less invasive (than a lift) although even lipo can be pretty harsh in that area. I have to consider this...I have degenerative disk problems in my neck and so I'm concerned any work around my face, neck, chin will include putting my head in weird positions that will cause more damage so whomever I consult with with have to be sensitive to that issue. Any ideas??
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My first step was thermage. Did not work. Then accent. Did not work. Then co2. Peeled skin. 3 months later was back like it was 1st time This is why I have finally decided on lower lift with lipo of sagging chin area. You ladies please read reviews on ultherapy. Most reviews say it does not work.
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Brenda, thank you for your forthrightness - it helps to hear what others have gone through. BTW, do you mind me asking who your physician is who will be performing the procedure?
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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! You might want to reach out to this person who had a Safelift as well. Check out this thread, too. Please keep us posted on your journey!
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