C02 Laser Deep Treatment with Juvederm Filler - Fort Worth, TX

Trying to get rid of fine lines, uneven skin tone...

Trying to get rid of fine lines, uneven skin tone and larger pores. 3 different doctors recommended this treatment, I can't even look in the mirror I'm so scary looking. Very swelled and face is peeling at this point.
I was sedated and also had numbing cream on my face, didn't feel too much pain until after I got home then I reapplied the numbing cream.
This makes sense. With numbing creams, normally there should not be the pain I had endured with Dr. Bradley Freedman's new type of "CO2" laser he is trying from Israel. not my entire face peeled off and the pain was UNBEARABLE. Also my left face is covered with brown spots now. BEWARE of the new types of machines certain doctors are trying on you and charging you.

Hey there, thanks for taking the time to share your review. What are you doing to help ease the pain? Do you have any photos to share?

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