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Radiesse Don't Worry the Bruising and Swelling Will Resolve - Fort Wayne, IN

I couldn't wait until my radiesse appt. In the...

I couldn't wait until my radiesse appt. In the past I had experimented with small amounts of juvaderm in my cheek area, lip line, and nasolabial folds. The max amount being 2 0.6 syringes at one time. I was always happy with my results and never experienced and bruising or downtime. My radiesse injections however left me with signifigant bruising and swelling to my eye area. I was horrified that this time I had gone to far and would live to regret my radiesse for the next year.

Rest assured it will improve. I had my injections 5 days ago and still have black eyes but the swelling is resolving and I am very pleased with the results. I think realistically you should allow for a week of social down time. I returned to work after 3 days, but would have taken a week off.

Yesterday my girl friend also had radiesse injections, she did not bruise at all and has significantly bruised in the past. So just be aware that each person responds differently. We both love are results and are pleased that they will last much longer than the other dermal fillers on the market.

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Make sure you choose an experienced provider. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

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I just had Radiesse treatment in my cheekbone area - i had significant bruising under my right eye (very little under my left eye). My right though is almost completely black under the eye and is embarassingly swollen. it looks like someone just decked me in the right eye with all their might! Today is day 3 and it doesn't look much better, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed the swelling goes down. The doctor thinks he might have nicked a vein when injecting. I'm taking Ibuprofen every 4 hrs. I wish the swelling would go down...
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Day 2 and I only have one large bruise on my lower jaw area and boy is it big. I bet it will take several weeks to go away. Bought some cover up today, but it really didn't help too much since the bruise is really dark and swollen. Funny how the other side is perfect. :( Any good remedies to make the bruise go away a little quicker?
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Try to ice area 10 mins. every hour if you can. My Dr. gave me Anica, an all natural remedy. Its probably available at a natural food store. I have also heard that vitamin k lotion/oil to the effected area is also helpful. I tried every available concealer and found that dermablend professional cover cream worked best. However the more I tried to cover the bruising the worse it looked, so less is more the first few days. It will get better, but do not hesitate to call your Dr. if your symptoms don't improve or you have fever or any signs of infection. Good luck and please keep me posted.
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Thanks Idyaster for giving info to help the community. :)


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Thanks for the reply!! Day 4 and the bruise might be a little better, but still very noticeable. I wish it looked as good as the other side. But guess I'll need to be patient. :) If not for the bruise I would be totally happy with my results. Just wish I knew why i bruised so bad.
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Just had Radiesse today and so far I think I'm going to be pleased. My face feels really tight, but I think thats starting to go away. There appears that there's going to be a nice bruise on my lower jaw area but hopefully it will improve soon. Does all of this sound normal?
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Hi Idyaster, 

Welcome to the Radiesse community. I'm glad that you were happy with your results, aside from the bruising. How long had you been thinking about having this procedure?  This is great information for the community to know, especially the part about taking time off and how it will effect everyone differently. Are you going to go back for more when it wears off? Please keep us updated and if you have pictures to share we would love to see them.

Thanks so much for the review,


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I had been thinking about Radiesse treatments for about 6 months before I made the appointment. I wanted longer lasting results than I had with juvaderm, but was a little worried that if I didn't care for the results It would take twice as long to return to my baseline. So I tried a shorter lasting filler to preview my results before committing to Radiesse.
I use Radiesse again in the future.
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Thanks Pam,

Being a little apprehensive is never a bad thing. It's nice it gave you a chance to try it out and when it wears off you know everything will be ok and you can go back and get the longer lasting one. Keep us updated :)


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