Drainage and Swelling After Recent Tummy Tuck

I have been reading the experiences of others and...

i have been reading the experiences of others and wanted to join this community so I could have people to talk to who understood my experiences and could offer their advice and support. I had a Tt w/ lipo on Dec 19, 2012. My drain is still in and my entire core is swollen (though the "apron" of skin which previously sat in my lap is gone). I have read a lot of comments about swelling and how long it is anticipated to last. I am wondering if the swelling will increase when the drain is removed. Has anyone had that experience?

I wanted to find out if anyone has experienced a sharp "discomfort" on the right side of my stomach (halfway between my belly button and my side). As time passes, I only have the pain every so often instead of every day. My belly button appeared to be healing nicely, but it looks like it's closing up. However, tonight in noticed that my belly button had some drainage during the day that dried. I took a Q-tip to wipe the excess drainage from by navel that wasn't dry and my belly button started to bleed and run down my stomach. There is some discomfort on the side of my belly button, but no pain. My tummy tuck was almost 3 months ago. What's going on? Any ideas or similar experiences?

Welcome to the community.  I am very happy you joined us and glad you are here with us.

Swelling can last for a while so hang on!  See what some of our doctors say about What To Do to Get Rid of Swelling After Tummy Tuck Surgery?


My surgery was Nov 29th and I still have swelling. Some days are better and I think I can be more active and than I spend days after swelling.. LOL
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