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I am early 40s and have slight sunken area around...

I am early 40s and have slight sunken area around eye orbit bone that ages me. It is very slight but I want to smooth the area creating a more youthful soft eye area. The thin skin of this area makes filler choice and injection very important so as not to show through or create discoloration or lumps. My doctor is going to use boletero because it is less likely to show color through the thin skin and can be injected very superficially in such a thin area. I cannot wait! I will post before and after pictures to show results.
Will the Dr be filling just beneath the skin or more internally, by the bone?
I had it done today. The doctor went deeper rather than very superficially around orbit bone and upper cheek bone-smoothed eye orbit bone area and few tear trough depressions. It is slightly swollen at spots but already looks fabulous. It absolutely took care of that aged sunken eye bone issue. I can tell it is slightly bruised in some spots but not a problem to carry on activities as usual. I wouldn't want to plan a hot date the day of or have a special event but find it does not interfere with regular daily living-though I am not overly self conscious about such procedures. This was just what I wanted!

Day of undereye fill

Barely able to tell I had something done-doesn't interfere with day! Made just improvement I was seeking :)

Fabulous undereye fix! Love it!

Belotero smoothed the bone to under eye are that had been getting more noticeable and depressed for past few years. This was just perfect. It does take a bit of time to smooth and for light bruising to go away. I love my doctors technique and manner.
Is the filler still lasting for you? I would like to hear how long you feel it holds up.
That is great! How are you liking it now? Is it lasting a long time?
Dr. Richard Bloy

The womens contemporary health clinic and doctor Bloy are fantastic and caring practitioners. They excel in all that they do. I highly recommend the practice. And their rates are best.

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