Silicone Placed over the Muscle - Drastic Difference Between Two Breasts - Is This Capsular Contracture?

My surgeon, his staff, and the procedure itself...

My surgeon, his staff, and the procedure itself were all great! I was in and out in about an hour and managed the pain very well. I was previously a 34C, but wanted to enhance the shape of my breasts so I had 300cc silicone implants placed over the muscle.

I am concerned almost 3 weeks post op that my left breast is developing capsular contracture because it is still much higher than my right breast, however; I am left-handed and use my left arm more frequently than my right.

It has been 2 weeks 5 days since my surgery and I am noticing a drastic difference in my two breasts. I had silicone placed over the muscle because already had substantial breast tissue and I am petite. My right breast is dropping nicely and has a round shape, but my left breast is still very hight. It's as if my implant is stuck at the top of my breast and looks as if there are two layers to my breast a top and a bottom. I am extremely concerned about capsular contracture, but I keep reading that it accompanies hardness and pain in the breast. Both of my breasts are pretty soft and I keep massaging them. I am also dominantly left-handed and my ps told me at my 1 week post op visit that my muscles are still tight and could be holding the implant up high, but that it will go away along with time and massaging. Should I be concerned that it's something more serious (i.e. early cc or ruptured implant)?
Hi! I had a similar situation but didn't notice it so early on. First, you need to wait 6 months before you decide they don't match, IMO. Second, I thought I had one capsule, I went to 2 diff. doctors for a look, but manual exam could not tell them 100%. They both said "very likely." I then went back to my original dr., in Costa Rica, and he immediately knew the problem. Not a capsule, just one implant was installed a bit higher. WARNING: If this turns out to be your case, make sure your dr. gives you a deal on going back in to make the pocket larger. My dr. took the easy way out, so to lower the high implant he dissected the muscle under my breast fold instead. That RUINED the way it sits on my chest and was the wrong procedure to correct that problem. Yours may be high for the same reason, but it's too soon to tell anything. Give it more time. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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