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Tomorrow will be one week since my tummy tuck and...

tomorrow will be one week since my tummy tuck and it still hurts decently when doing certain things. My stomach is so tight so that is what I feel. I can't cough or sneeze or cry because then the pain is unbearable. I'm supposed to go back to work on Thurs. but I'm not sure I can do that. The stomach though is flat. I can't wait to go to the Dr. and get this drain out of me. Seeing a whole underneath the bandange is something that i don't want to deal with anymore. The amount of blood filling up the drain is progressively is getting less. I still can't stand up straight and tomorrow will be the first time in a week that i am driving. I've been off the pain killers and muscle relaxers for 2 days because the pain is not bad, except when doing the things mentioned above.

I'm usually a very active person who takes a shower daily. So the recovery is really hard for me. I've been taking a sponge bath daily or almost daily and this is very hard. I feel very dirty and can't wait to take a shower and wash my hair the proper way. Feel free to write me w/ any questions or comments. I'll be happy to share.


Who was your doctor?
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Hi Mindvibe,
I am on week 2 and feel your pain, my back hurt so bad from being bent over and when I coughed I thought I would die, but week 2 is better! I don't think you should drive yet but I know sometimes we have to, I haven't been able to take a shower in two weeks because of the stupid drain. I get my second one out today AND I CANT WAIT! The tightness does loosen up and I can almost stand up straight!

The pain is not that bad over all I take painkillers as needed but it is all worth it.. and I don't wanna deal with under the bandages either I haven't seem my scar yet lol....but hey we are the lucky ones that are able to do this when some people can't.. Keep in touch
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Hang in there!  The first 2-4 weeks is the worst and you need to be really patient.  You will notice improvement each week.  Is there any way you could take another week or two off work.  I know they always say 1-2 weeks but that simply is not long enough.  Three to four weeks is what I recommend.  I realize that could be a stretch for some but health wise that is the best.

Rest all you can and drink plenty of fluids.   Also eat really good and lean protein; that will help in the healing process.

As far as the shower goes...go for it.  I know it is hard and will hurt and wear you out but....you will feel amazing once you do this.  Make sure to have someone there to help you though.  And keep the water warm but not hot.  Go ahead and read my Tummy Tuck Survival Guide in the Forum.  That will answer most all of your questions.

Hang in there and let me know if you have any questions.
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