Permanent Make Up Begins 8/30/2010 - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I'm going to a reputable permanent make-up...

I'm going to a reputable permanent make-up artist. Yes, artist - her background is a make-up artist/esthetician. There was an article in the newspaper about her work. I met with my permanent make up artist - she discussed what I wanted, discussed procedure & downtime. Also, she did a patch test to check if I would have any reaction to the ink. I had a prescription filled for Acyvolir (Zovirax) since I'm doing my lips one concern is cold sores. I never had one but it was highly recommended that I take one before the procedure for prevention.

I did my research and it's very important you find someone who belongs to one of the associations in the field, a plastic surgeon recommends or someone who had it done & you like the results. The cost for my eyeliner (top & bottom) is $400.00 ea. The lip liner with blending is $800. This includes complimentary eyelash tinting and a follow up visit for any additional coloring/corrections.

I'm a little nervous and excited - this will take away the washed out look of a youthful 44 year old without having to go under the knife. I'll check in Monday afternoon to fill everyone on the procedure itself. Also, will post my before and after pictures...

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I had a great consultation experience and felt very comfortable with permanent make up artist, credentials, cleanliness and location of office.

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Glad to hear everything turned out so well. Can't wait to see pics!

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It's been almost a week and I'm totally amazed and happy with how my eyeliner and lips look! My lips are very dry and going throuch chapping. I have lip gloss that I put over my lipstick. Sometimes I put petroleum jelly on lips in the morning and at night. I love waking up in the morning with eyeliner & lipliner. I don't have to worry about my liners fading, bleeding or wearing out. I am very happy with the permanent makeup. I highly recommend Sarah Oliver in Fort Lauderdale, FL. She is online and you can look her up. I should have my photos to post when I see her for my perfecting session in October. I can't wait for my perfecting session next month. I want my upper eyeliner a little thicker. Also, there are some areas that need to touched up a little bit. Sarah believes it's best to start with less and she can do more at the perfecting session. Sarah's an artist!
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DAY 3 & DAY 4: I stopped putting petroleum jelly on eyes on Day 3 - my eyes look great - no more swelling. My eyes are itching a little. My lips are still swollen on both Day 3 & 4. Day 3 i experienced a tingly, hot feeling. I took Tylenol PM to help me get comfortable. I was able to use a new lip gloss to see how my lips will look & they do look great! Day 4 my lips are very chapped some of the darker color parts are exfoliating.
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DAY 2: Eyeliner looks good appears like I have heavy makeup - keep putting petroleum jelly but overall no real swelling or discomfort. Lipliner lips swollen, tender and reddish - little bumps around certain areas of where liner done. I eat very carefully and brush my teeth carefully so I don't drop anything on the outer lip area. Uncomfortable feeling!
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DAY 1: THE PROCEDURE I am writing about my experience with the permanent makeup procedure to the lips (lipliner w/blending) and eyeliner (top & bottom). First, my permanent makeup artist took a before picture. We talked a bit more based on the initial consultation I had the previous week. I advised Sarah that I wanted a color in the mauve range - nothing too red, orange or pink. I requested a very natural hue. She outlined my lips and I asked that she give my bottom lip a more pouty and upward lift - not to go toward the end of the lip corner. Also, I requested that she make my upper lip a little more fuller since the lip going to the corner thins out. She did as requested and agreed it would look fabulous. She had my lay down in a lounge chair contraption - similar to a dentist chair. I overlooked sting of homes along a beautiful salt water canalway that I envision the salt water canalway leading to downtown Fort Lauderdale and the ocean in the distance. There was soft mood music playing as I laid down to "relax" to the unknown of permanent makeup artistry. Sarah first tinted my eyelashes which was complimentary with the eyeliner procedure. Sarah felt this helps with the healing process and not putting mascara on prematurely. Then, Sarah started with my mouth. She put a topical gooey gel substance over my lips to numb them. I sat with my mouth shut for approx 20 mins. Then, she began the procedure of lining my lips. There was a sensation of someone pulling all the little hairs out around my lip. It was a uncomfortable in some areas more than others. Sarah stopped and wiped the area with a soft wet cloth a several times during the process. And, after doing the initial line on both sides of my lip, she put more topical lotion that was cool and soothing on my lips and allowed me to relax. I asked if it was over...she still had the blending to finish. My mouth was numb and I felt like daffy duck lips. She wiped my lips again and put the lotion on them one more time and let me relax for a few minutes before blending my lips. She finished and I was elated it was over! She gave me the mirror my lips were outlined and blended. My lips appeared to be a reddish brick color, my lips were swollen but they looked nice all things considered. She told me she was very happy which boosted my confidence that my lips looked good. The entire lip procedure took approximately 1 hour. After completing the procedure, she took a picture of my lips. She proceeded with putting a substance that was thinner on both my lower & upper eyelids and asked me to keep my eyes shut. Again, we waited approximately 20 mins. I accidentally opened my eye slightly and she put something on my eye lashes and around the rim that stopped the stinging sensation. Sarah told me that the eyes would not hurt like the lips - she confirmed that the lips are full of nerve endings and so there is more discomfort doing the lips. Thank goodness she told me this -because I thought it would be the other way around. Now, I felt the confidence to continue on with the eyeliner permanent makeup. She started with the right eye doing the upper lids and I giggled nervously a bit because the sensation was strange not to mention the noise. Then, the left eye - about an hour later she was done with both the upper and lower lids. It looked like I over applied my makeup but again looked fantastic! She provided me with a little kit of post procedure instructions. I was in a bit of discomfort leaving the office.

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Good luck tomorrow! Can't wait to hear how it goes.

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