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I had 3 treatments. Each treatment I felt a...

I had 3 treatments. Each treatment I felt a burning sensation in one spot.
The nurse said it was normal. Each time the burning went away after the treatment..Except for the last treatment. It was painful and sore and I had a golf ball size lump in the same area that was burning. Still sore and I still feel a lump ...My regular Doctor told me to massage that area 5 times a day.


Hi, It sounds like you had an area of panniculitis. How I explain panniculitis, is that it is an area of inflammation seen with accelerated fat loss. It is more common in areas of fibrous fat and resolves in 1-2 weeks with Advil, Motrin, Aleeve along with massage. The massage is important because it breaks up the areas of fat so they don't remain feeling like a lump. The nonsteroidals are important to decrease the inflammation and soreness. What we have seen, is that in the patients that have had a small area of panniculits, they had an enhanced result. Scientifically, it makes sense since you are seeing more rapid fat loss in that local area resulting in local inflammation. Warmly, Dr. Liu
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Dear Jeanette179, I was one of the first physicians in the U.S. to gain experience with Vanquish for deep tissue heating/fat reduction. Occasionally, an area of the fat in the treatment zone can develop a very low grade inflammatory response called "panniculitis." This is nothing to be concerned about, and in my personal experience, the few patients that have developed this during treatment have actually had outstanding results at the end of their series. I typically will pause the treatment for a week or so, and start patients on an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen. Ask your treating physician if he/she feels this would be appropriate. Over time, the small lump goes away. Good luck with your treatment.
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Hi there...i had my 1st treatment last Monday and was supposed to have my 2nd 1 week later (today) but still have soreness and lumps from the last treatment. Last week it was extremely painful (as was the treatment in those 2 areas over my hips) for about 4 days and is getting better day by day with massage, sleeve and time. When can I do my 2nd treatment? Do I have to wait until 100% of the soreness is gone? Is this probably going to happen in the same spots with every treatment?
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