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Excitement to Fear - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Well. after four months and three consulations...

Well. after four months and three consulations later, ive made a decision to go for it. I was sooo excited, and know feel fear. My doctor gave me a 4 page list of things that could go wrong, just to educate me, and probably to cover his butt, i would imagine! eheheh. My main concern is PAIN...i almost have to be sedated to get my teeth clean! I only have two weeks off work, and only one week of someone to be with me. Is that enough time, ya think?......thanks!
thinking to much, sue

I am 54 year old mom of 4. Gained so much over the...

I am 54 year old mom of 4. Gained so much over the years, and lost most in the past 6 years. Planning on full TT. I only have two weeks off work, and i am a bit concerned that i will not be able to return within my alloted time off. I sit at a computer all day, so it isnt a strenuous job. Also, driving?.....i have kids that i need to get to and from school 8 days after surgery...am i asking for trouble with all these time frames? I only have help for the first 8 days too.....get discouraged. thoughts?

Sue, how old are your kids? And are you having a full tummy tuck with muscle repair?

I am 8 days post-op (FFT with MR), and if I HAD to, I could drive my 13&15 yr old boys to school. However, it is not a disirable thought. My husband was home with me until day 5 post-op, and I have managed just fine with what I need to do since he left for work. My kids help gopher as well LOL, and I have 2 reliable friends near by, that would aid me in a pinch.

I have also heard many people going back to their office jobs after 2 weeks...and again, if i HAD to, I think I could as well. (I have taken 4 wks off)

I am finding that tummy tuck recovery stories are as consistent as labour and delivery stories. Every one heals and deals differently... but I can almost promise you that it will not be as bad as you anticipate. I think that the fear is the worst part.

I am the biggest baby ever! I have been given Ativan and Valium for pain anxiety in previous "op" situations. My PS refused to prescribe and insisted it wasn't neccessary. I feared and cried endlessly, pre-op, for nothing.

Again, everbody is soooo different with pain and recovery, but I think you will be fine. Plenty of water, rest, and good foods. You have much time to prepare your body for a seamless recovery... and remember, your mind is so powerful.
I have heard from people on this site going back to work after two weeks (sitting down job). What I am worried about though is you only having help with your kids for 8 days after your surgery. I'm not sure the age but you should'nt be lifting for AT LEAST 4 weeks but better up to 6 weeks. Healing from this surgery is not a one week deal. It takes weeks, especially if your having your muscle repaired.
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