Zingers Yes, but Worth It - Fort Lauderdale, FL

No one warned me about the "zingers" so...

No one warned me about the "zingers" so I was out shopping after the procedure when one of those zingers nearly brought me to my knees. That said, I went home, took some ibuprofen an dit was over within 4 hours.

I quit smoking andmy teeth were yellow so I thought I'd treat myself. The trays are just gross as are the strips, and time consuming. Would do it again. It was a tech who did it, not the dentist.

Hi msrubi,

Welcome to the Teeth Whitening community! Congrats on quiting smoking, that's awesome! Yes, this is such a great treat for yourself. Other community members have mentioned Zingers and yes they do sound painful. I'm glad Ibuprofen helped. How many times do you have to go back before you will have the color you want? Please keep us updated and if you are comfortable sharing pictures we would love to see them.

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Hii BrittB,
Thank you for your comment. It is really helpful.
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