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Hey ladies ! I've been gone for a while ! As you...

Hey ladies ! I've been gone for a while ! As you all know initially I was going to get a Brazilian butt lift but decided not to ! I didn't want to do something so invasive with such a long recovery time ! And going under freaked me out ! I am not doing smart lipo some time at the end of the year and couldn't be more excited about it !

SPOKE TO the staff at Body Care!! AMAZING !!

So i am getting my Flanks, Back, Upper Abdomen, Lower Abdomen and my waist/ sides done. The doctor says it will take about 5 hours to complete, i will be in pain for the most 3 DAYS and i will be swollen for about 3 months!

They really gave me alot of information !! and if you guys would like to see his work ! go on youtube and search smart lipo body care (i think) thats how i found him !!

Im super excited !

Estimated time i will be getting my procedure looks clear!

it looks as though i will be getting my procedure done beginning of january!! im verrrryyy excited and i am extremely glad that recovery time is so short !! i havent booked yet ! BUTTT i will be calling to book around beginning of October !

Really amazing phone call with the office !!

Today i called the office to ask all the questions that were lingering on my mind !!

i asked about the lumps everyone talks about, the massages im hearing about and anything else i should expect ! Lisa was such a great help ! provided me with all the answers i needed !!

With that being said On sepetember 1st i will be calling in to schedule my procedure for the first opening day of the year for the office ! January 2, 2014!!

I get a complimentary massage, and if i feel like i want more i will pay as i go !

for anyone else who has been with Dr. Stratt, let me know how it was for you !! xoxo
Doctor Stratt at Body Care

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Dr. Stratt responded to some of my concerns personally. Very pleased so far.
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I am schedule to do mine soon. Can I please see some pictures of patients who have had the procedure done by Dr. Stratt? Yes Lisa and rest of the staff are really amiable.. Does the lumps go away?
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please post pictures before and after
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The doctor is amazing and very talented in what he does. You'll love it. Good luck!
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is he ?? im soooo nervous !! did you get it done by him?
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Yes, he performed the surgery. It was almost painless. I also like a surgeon that specializes in one thing and does it well rather than someone who does it all but can perform the job correctly.
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thats what im sacred of!! i dont want to get anxiety ! i tend to freak myself out sick...any pain at all? and if so when did you feel weird, what felt painful etc etc...if you could fill me in on beginning to end briefly on what i may feel i would appreciate it more then you know !
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