Sculptra Rip-Off-Fort Lauderdale, FL

I followed the Doctor's advice. I believed him...

I followed the Doctor's advice. I believed him. In the meantime, I visited another Doctor...had laser and my face looks great for $1200 and two treatments.

I visited this doctor for a consultation on laser rejuvenation. He recommended Sculptra instead and promised that it would transform my face. I paid $2000 and eight weeks later did not look a bit different!! Not one bit. He took before and after pictures and even agreed that there was no change. His recommendation..more Sculptra for another $2000. Then he said laser treatment would be necessary. He offered no consolation, no rebate, discount. His goal, I believe was to push Sculptra on clients for his own certification. I also did research on his background as stated on his web page and it's false. He's not internationally renowned. Beware.

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Went to this office yesterday and I am very pleased with the doctor's and his staff manners:
very warm and caring... Obviously it is too early to tell about the outcome of the procedure since Sculptra it is not a filler but a stimulator and a regenerator of collagen which can take up to eight weeks to get the full effects.
I have had both Sculptra and Laser resurfacing by this doctor and have been thrilled. I look 10 years younger than I am. Additionally, he has always been kind and gracious!
Fort Lauderdale Dermatologic Surgeon

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