Mommy Makeover for Non Mommy? -Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi, I'm 23 with no kids but I want a mommy...

Hi, I'm 23 with no kids but I want a mommy makeover. I want a BBL with lipo to the flanks, back, stomach, little thighs and arms, mini TT, a breast lift with. implants and an arm lift....I know, its alot. I know want this done in April and oversea or in Miami with an accredited doc to save $. I've been hearing alot of great things about dr. duran, small waists and big butts and thats what I really want.
My friend had a bunch of work done before she had kids. After her first kid, her skin was stretched out so badly and had lost the elasticity since it was already pulled once. She had lost over 100 lbs and had a lot of excess skin that had to be cut also. If you want kids in your future, ask your ps what they suggest, wait or get it done now.
Wow I didn't know that, kinda scary, I think I'll hold off on the tummy tuck lol thank you!
Also, if you have implants before kids, you will have to get them redone after kids. You are so young and your skin is still healthy and elastic, just try your best to workout and diet. I am in my mid 30's and 2 kids later I am glad I waited to do anything.
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